My Pilates "Why"

I found the Pilates method over 16 years ago as a young parent needing desperately to reconnect to my body. Just as Mr. Pilates promised, as I began to practice the method, I felt the difference, I saw the difference, and while maybe I didn’t have a whole new body, I had a body that I felt good in again. But more than that, Pilates was an education.

The Pilates method asks us to quiet down, tune in, and concentrate on our breath and our movement and, in doing so, provides an opportunity for us to really learn ourselves. It requires that we ask questions about how we’re breathing at particular moments and why; if we’re experiencing pain in our daily activities, it cues us to look at what postures we hold or habits we have that could be related; it gives us a framework through which to better understand ourselves as moving beings (because that’s what we are!).

In a world that seems to only be moving faster and faster, with more demand and less time to attend to our real human needs, the Pilates method is a gift. It has been essential to me in maintaining a supportive relationship with my body through (I’d like to think with some grace) this last 16 years.

I knew early on in my Pilates journey that teaching was for me. In those first few years of practice I wanted to share the method with anyone who would listen and when I could, I jumped at the chance to join a teacher training. 11 years later, I count it one of the most important leaps I’ve ever taken.

Every student of the Pilates method has a “why” for their practice and every teacher, a “why” for teaching. We are all lucky that for Pilates people these are so often one in the same.

Want to share your “why”? Comment below and/or learn more about our upcoming teacher training here.

Meet the Group Studio Class!

Here at Rooted Pilates, our work is to help you delve deep into the mechanics of moving well. We use the genius of Joseph Pilates’ method as our foundation and framework to re-learn better ways to move and to build strength and increase mobility and endurance around them.

Beyond the essential Mat-based exercises, Mr. Pilates gave us a full suite of equipment on which to experience his work: the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Barrel … plus a few modern additions, including the Springboard. Each piece provides the unique opportunity to learn more about your body through the addition of spring tension or a structure that “sets you up” to move through an exercise optimally.

As in a private one-on-one session, the Group Studio class provides you with the challenge and opportunity to work deeper through your own full-studio practice, using all of the toys tools the studio has to offer. It is a small-group experience (max 6 students) that encourages independence under the watchful eye of one of our teachers and moves through a circuit-style session on a mix of different equipment.

While your teacher will be leading the class and keeping a close eye on you, your movement, and your alignment, you will have to be prepared to move through sequences and exercises with close attention to your own form. You also need to know how to execute the foundational exercises on the different apparatus. We want you to be ready to work safely and successfully so we require at least three private sessions with us and two Rooted Movement Principles classes prior to joining a Group Studio class.

What’s next? Email us to learn more or to schedule a private session, and check out our schedule to register for Rooted Movement Principles classes.  

“Down with RMP?” The rundown on the new Rooted Movement Principles class

Although we’re still knee deep in the holiday season, we’ve got exciting things coming up in the new year. I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you soon but in the meantime, you may notice a new addition to the schedule – the Rooted Movement Principles class. Let’s get friendly and call it RMP.

RMP will take the place of our current beginning-level Mat classes and will serve as a focused entry into the Pilates method, emphasizing building specific movement skills, like how to move your legs while maintaining a stable pelvis (and vice versa); what breathing rhythm to use when, and why; or how to successfully keep your head lifted during Pilates abdominal exercises like the Hundred. If you’ve never thought much about how your body moves (or even if you have), this is your opportunity to explore, dig a little deeper, and fine-tune your own movement.

Exercises alone don’t make up the method. Joseph Pilates gave us what we understand as the six Pilates principles – Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, and Flow – which provide a foundation and framework for our practice. The Pilates principles are the heart and soul of the method. Contemporary movement science gives us basic movement principles that inform how we approach Pilates and help us troubleshoot how our unique bodies move through the exercises, taking into account that all bodies are different and one size will never fit all. Focused exercises + Pilates principles + movement principles = our RMP class!

Interested in signing up? Take a peek at the FAQ below, and contact us if there’s a question I missed!


Is this class good for beginners?

Absolutely. It’s all about catching the Pilates novice up to speed on the basics of the method.

Can I still drop in?

Yep! Drop-ins are welcome, space allowing, and you can still use your pre-purchased Mat class credit, package, or membership for the class.

Should I still come if I’ve been taking Pilates classes for a while?

Please do. There’s nothing like consistent reinforcement when you’re working towards deepening (and broadening) your practice.

Can I come if I’m injured?

If you’re working with a specific injury or condition, it’s always best to contact the studio in advance of registering for a group class. For some injuries or conditions you may want to schedule a private session first so that you can learn the safest way to accommodate your body in a one-on-one setting.

Will I still have to do the Hundred?

Yes. Definitely. Your “Green Room” too.  Sorry, not sorry. 😏