Meet the Group Studio Class!

Here at Rooted Pilates, our work is to help you delve deep into the mechanics of moving well. We use the genius of Joseph Pilates’ method as our foundation and framework to re-learn better ways to move and to build strength and increase mobility and endurance around them.

Beyond the essential Mat-based exercises, Mr. Pilates gave us a full suite of equipment on which to experience his work: the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Barrel … plus a few modern additions, including the Springboard. Each piece provides the unique opportunity to learn more about your body through the addition of spring tension or a structure that “sets you up” to move through an exercise optimally.

As in a private one-on-one session, the Group Studio class provides you with the challenge and opportunity to work deeper through your own full-studio practice, using all of the toys tools the studio has to offer. It is a small-group experience (max 6 students) that encourages independence under the watchful eye of one of our teachers and moves through a circuit-style session on a mix of different equipment.

While your teacher will be leading the class and keeping a close eye on you, your movement, and your alignment, you will have to be prepared to move through sequences and exercises with close attention to your own form. You also need to know how to execute the foundational exercises on the different apparatus. We want you to be ready to work safely and successfully so we require at least three private sessions with us and two Rooted Movement Principles classes prior to joining a Group Studio class.

What’s next? Email us to learn more or to schedule a private session, and check out our schedule to register for Rooted Movement Principles classes.