Rooted Pilates’ group classes use the underlying principles of Pilates (breath, control, concentration, centering, precision, and flow) and core integration to teach the Pilates method. Joseph Pilates' original exercises provide the foundation for our classes, along with a focus on functional movement, modification for all abilities, and skill-building. To ensure appropriate modification, please speak to your teacher before class if you have any injuries or special conditions.


Breath & Control: Beginning Mat teaches students to the principles of Pilates, emphasizing breath, control, and alignment to move students safely through foundational Pilates exercises.

Concentration & Centering: Intermediate/All-levels Mat builds on the foundation of Breath & Control with a focus on concentrating and centering movement while introducing more challenging Pilates mat exercises and/or variations.

Precision & Flow: Advanced Mat unites the principles of Pilates with strength and skill as students move through all levels of Pilates mat work, including advanced exercises and variations, honing precision and flow.

Springboard + Chair

All-Levels Springboard  integrates the resistance and support of the Pilates' spring work and Wunda Chair  to challenge stability, increase flexibility, and build strength for more efficient every-day movement.

Prenatal and Postpartum 

Prenatal classes apply the Pilates principles to movements that strengthen and stretch the pregnant body through all three trimesters and prepare for birth and postpartum recovery. Particular attention is spent on breathwork, deep-core activation, and strengthening the pelvic floor and stabilizers

Postpartum classes focus on reconnecting with the deep core and addressing the common physical complaints of the postpartum period (diastasis recti, poor posture, achy low back, sore neck). Students will practice a mix of “pre-Pilates” and classical Pilates exercises to safely build strength and prepare the core for more advanced work.

*Pre-crawling infants are welcome to join postpartum classes!